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Ärrvävnadsbehandling MSTR

Ärrvävnadsteknik MSTR…


En energihealingmetod för att frigöra känslomässiga blockeringar som lagrats i kroppen…

Foot Treatments

Foot care as a wellness activity is for those who take foot care as a beauty treatment or to improve overall well-being…

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Selfcare Tools - Integral Bodily Exercises and Meditations

Self-help health tools for everyday life – Simple and effective for your entire self, incorporating the physical, emotional, and mental aspects as a whole, and they are practical.
Ming Niku
B.Sc., M.A., MBA, Doctoral, RCST

Continuous Professional Development Course (CPD)

Dr. Jaap van der Wal Embryo in Motion - Embryo in Us, Sweden 2024 - Tribute to the Phenomenological Work by Jaap on the Wall

Dr Jaap van der Wal shares insights on bridge between Embryology, Anatomy, Body, Mind, Spirit, Consciousness and life.
Dr Jaap van der Wal
MD PhD, Maastricht, Holland

Cooporation with in recension from June 2022

All of our customers will automatically be asked to give a assessment for their experiences with our services. Safe and totally voluntarily!
Ming Niku and the whole team
B. Sc; MA; MBA, Dotoral; RCST, & all therapists


Not only symptoms, but also the causes of health conditions, can be remedied and improved. Even so-called chronic conditions do not have to be that way at all. Give us a chance to help you with our therapies but also learn self-help tools.

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