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Online Partnering Course - The Five Immune Systems in Zhineng Qigong

Experience the amazing Chinese secrets of Vital Qi Energy to bring new inspiration, motivation, regeneration and recovery in your life
Master Yuantong Liu and Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program Co-founder Britta Stalling
Life Changer Program Founders

Cooporation with Reco.se in recension from June 2022

All of our customers will automatically be asked to give a assessment for their experiences with our services. Safe and totally voluntarily!
Ming Niku and the whole team
B. Sc; MA; MBA, Dotoral; RCST, & all therapists

Zhineng Qigong Fundamentals Course

Zhineng Qigong Fundamentals with Master Yuantong Liu, Developing Superintelligence for Holistic Health

Expanded self-consciousness, selfcare, opening of heart, inner peace, greater sense of wholeness, compassion, empathy, joy and meaningfullness of life
Yuantong Liu
Zhineng Qigong Master

Free E-Course

Selfcare Tools - Integral Bodily Exercises and Meditations

Självhjälp-hälsoverktyg för vardagen – Enkla och Effektiva för hela dig med de fysiska, emotionella, mentala integrerade som en helhet, användbara
Ming Niku
B.Sc., M.A., MBA, Doctoral, RCST

Continuous Professional Development Course (CPD)

Dr. Jaap van der Wal Embryo in Motion - Embryo in Us

Dr Jaap van der Wal shares insights on bridge between Embryology, Anatomy with Body, Mind, Spirit, Consciousness and life. ‘The embryo does not have
Dr Jaap van der Wal
MD PhD, Maastricht, Holland