Hunyuan Consciousness Retreat with Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu for Rehabilitation, Health, Conscious Life and intensive Treatment, coming events

Those retreats are directed by Master Yuantong Liu

and offer unique opportunity for:

  • 4-day treatment and rehabilitation workshop

for patients, caregivers and assistants

including self-healing excercises, healing in

group and individual healing in Group settings.

  • Simple but effective, and practical

self-helping tools

  • Basic concepts such as theories of true

health, body's self-recovering and

regenerating capacities, Hunyuan Qi,

causes of disease, and theories of

consciousness, life intention etc. will be

presented with integrated practices.

  • The direct benefits of the retreats are profoundly improved personal physical, emotional and mental states, and the cascade effects on the direct surroundings, societal, environmental and global spheres collectively.

  • If needed there will be possibilities for multiple intensive and guided treatments and healing processes for severe medical conditions, upon individual situations.

  • Supervised treatment process and follow-up procedure with an assigned rehabilitation coordinator. Medical history and documentation are required for participation for this purpose.

  • Highly skilled therapists assisting and supervising the treatment and rehabilitation

  • These retreats are an integrative part of research and study of consciousness.

  • Continuous personal development can be assisted in integrating various spiritual disciplines through these retreats, with potential to deepen in studies in Hunyuan consciousness, for instance, the Program of Development of Hunyuan Consciousness with Zhineng Qigong Science offered in conjunction with the retreats.


SEK 2800. or SEK 1250 / day. Prices include 25% Swedish VAT.

Payment inside Sweden, pay to Bankgiro 722-1179 (Spånga Friskvård Hälocenter), please state your name, address, Telephone no., and email address, and the workshop code (see below 'Dates').

Bank transfer outside of Sweden – international payment:

IBAN SE3050000000052271016444 and BIC ESSESESS.

Please notice that the full amount of course fees is requested.

Card payment (Visa, Eurocard and major credit cards) are accepted by the reception upon your arrival.

Course venue

Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter

Stormbyvägen 6

163 55 Spånga

Stockholm, Sweden

See Here for travel instructions.


Everyday 10.00am- 17.00pm, lunch 12.45pm-14.15pm