Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy (Integral-KST)



Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy (Integral-CST) is a continuous professional development (CPD) of Craniosacral Therapy with a new philosophical understanding of matter, the universe, the relationship between nature and people, between health, live and human consciousness. Integral-KST applies both knowledge and techniques of both biomechanics and biodynamics with their respective specializations across the whole dynamic spectrum physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Integral-CST consider human being a self-regulating and self-integrating organism as a micro-cosmos evolving along with the macro-cosmos, the universe through life. Cell biology and embryology show that human has the same basic foundational substances as the nature does and that human come from the nature and so does human consciousness. Human biology and physiology thus follow the natural laws while being guided by own consciousness. Integral-CST believes that human always have perfect balance and the level of balance can always be improved by enhancing the functions of the exchange, transformation and benefiting inside the individual and between the individual's internal and external environment.


Integral-CST focuses on developing the therapist's consciousness to higher level according to a developed scientific philosophical theory, "Three-Level Substance" (3LS). Through the development of higher consciousness therapists can effectively listen where and how the client's state of balance exhibits at the present and offer the best support to the client's self-healing and self-regulation to better health with good functions.


Therapists develop the ability to feel and assist change in the state of balance of the client through rhythm synchronization and harmonization by the so-called Integral-CST contacts physically with e.g. hands, energetically through fields and mentally with true intention. The focus is on the rhythms of the whole body and those of different parts of the body, especially on the rhythms and corresponding functions of the Central Nervous System (CNS). Nervous system, connective tissue system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, organ systems and locomotive movement system are some most affected areas Integral-CST effectively works and influences directly.


Integral-CST therapists have basic knowledge of the classical osteopathic and Biodynamic fields and strive to develop and use own consciousness in a righteous and positive way to achieve good health, excess life, creativity and intuition. They have the ability to listen and support the client’s entire system with completely open heart and mind and by CONSCIOUSLY being 'active therapeutic neutral' - 'observing, non-judgmental and supportive with true intention'.


A Jin Luo Authorized Craniosacral Therapist can provide qualified work:


- To meet client with "Compassion" - with a completely open heart and mind without judgement


- To skillfully evaluate clients’ health condition, to effectively treat clients, and follow-up on each client's changes with optimal treatment strategy


- To treat severe, diffusing and chronic conditions, including orthopedic conditions


- To provide customized training and monitoring


- To keep group sessions and give four-hands treatments


- To assist the emotional and mental processes through the integral-CST counseling and trauma transformation


- To assist the clients’ personal development by following the body's intelligence and widsom


- To create and operate the integrated rehabilitation program for individuals and groups


- With advanced Integral-CST education therapists have high competences and skills to achieve professional development such as professional educators and rehabilitation program developers in the areas of clinic treatment, training and rehabilitation.


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