The cost of the training programs under Wisdom & Ability Educations in Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden

General price structure:

SEK 6295 per 5-day seminar, or SEK 6595 with guest lecture

SEK 1450 per single day seminar

SEK 2500 per 2-day workshop

SEK 1250 per single day workshop

A special offer for HYCS-2ndMOLL program Level 1 and Level 2:

Tuition fee is SEK 11,900/study yea including 25 % Swedish VAT.

A study year is counted both the Autumn and the consequential Spring, including both November and March modules.

The fee covers all the above seminars, practice through participation in treatment and rehabilitation workshops, supervision and support meetings and arrangements for the training program. It also covers a compendium related to the training program and certification.

It does not cover lodging and travel expenses, or literature in the form of published books.

Participation on a single seminar day is possible, subject to prior approval.

Cost for 4-day Hunyuan Consciousness Retreat with Zhineng Qigong and Master Yuantong Liu in Stockholm, Sweden

SEK 2800 including 25 % Swedish VAT for four days, or SEK 1250 including 25 % Swedish VAT for one day