We dedicate us primarily to two core intervined programs: the program of the Hunyuan Consciousness Study for 2nd Model of Life Living (HYCS-2ndMOLL) and the programs of the Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy (Integral-CST).

The Hunyuan Consciousness Study for 2nd Model of Life Living (HYCS-2ndMOLL) was originally called Consciousness Development through Zhineng Qigong Science (CDZNQG) program. With the new name for the program we are enphasizing the daily life practice of the development of Hunyuan Consciousness in a simple, practical and systematical way with 2nd Model of Life Living as the clear goal by exploreing the truth of human, consciousness, the links between human and the nature, etc. This program is thus the manifestation of a holistic life according to the Hunyuan human science based on Hypothesis of Three-Level Substance and 3rd-Level Substance, a hypothesis developed in 1980s by Dr Pang Ming in P. R. China.

Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy (Integral-CST) has developed based on the theories and methodologies of HYCS - 2nd MOLL program, and on the core concepts of Craniosacral Therapy and those of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy since 2015. Integral-CST acknowledges the importance of self-development of a whole person in life and the impacts of the states of personal development on other human being and other beings in the Nature. Jin Luo Institute under our Wisdom & Ability Education in Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden has offered since 2017 foundational (two foundational levels) and advanced programs in Integral-CST. Our programs in Integral-CST can be also taken as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in Craniosacral Terapy towards Authorized Craniosacral Therapist accredited by Swedish Association of Craniodacral Therapist (www.kstf.se).

The Integral-CST program contains mandatory studies of HYCS-2nd MOLL program.

Based on those programs we develop related applicational programs which enhance and expand the clinical practices into a broader range of healthcare fields such as clinical practice, rehabilitational programs with movement and training modalities, and conselling.

We offer extensive support systems ensuring students and therapists obtain and practice with sucess. Such supports includning offering of practice place as early as the end of third course segment for student treatments, supervised student treatments, as well as later at the end of sixth course segment for treatment as practicing therapist. In Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden we welcome also graduats working with us as Diploma Therapist, Authorized Therapist or Senior Therapist.

English will be the official language in all our programs. However we adapt all courses to country specifications in course material and in classes.