The New Hypothesis of Matter and the Evolution of Consciousness and the Universe, by Dr Pang Ming

Through histories from antient times to modern sociaty philosophers, scientists, and human being in general, have been interested in the origin of all thing, and in the searching of answers on the existences and connetions of the Univers, life, and consciousness. Numerous contemporary hypothesises from different scientific fields have tempted to establish possible explanations for those questions. Big Bang Theory, Integrated Information Theory, Unified Dark Energy Field Theory, Quantum Vacuum Torsion Field Theory, Vacuum Zero-Point Hidden Engergy Holofield Theory, etc. are some of the existing, well-known models.

In 1997 Chinese scientist Dr Pang Ming has suggested the hypothesis of Three-Level Substance – in addition of the visible, physical matter and the field energy, there is also the third-level matter, which characteristics with information, is capable of transformation between matter and energy. The third-level matter is extremly fine, and is evnely distributed everwhere in the Universe. It can be activated by special abilities to be transformed to certain field materia such as light, electricity, etc., or solid materia, in such way its existency can be indirectly observed. This hypothesis is not only consistent with other hypothesis but also beyond the scopes of those theories, to give rise to a subtle elementary substance.

Researchers in a leading University in Shanghai have proved, based upon a substantial amount of experiments, that the third-level matter can be transformed into different kinds of energy such as magnetics, electrics, etc. Those research results will be publically demostrated at the First International Symposium of Third-Level Substance in Shanghai, 3rd-4th June 2016.

Based on  this ground-breaking hypothesis Dr Pang Ming at the same time created the comprehensive theoretical system of the evolution of consciousness, including the theory of Hunyuan Whole Entity, the Theory of Consciousness nd the Evolution of Consciousness, the Theory of Cultivating Daode. To empirically valudate this theoretical system of all thing, Dr Pang also created Zhineng Qigong Science with simple, complete theories and methodologies. The major works had been done in China between late 1970s to 2000.

According to Dr Pang Ming's hypothesis of Three-Level Substance consciousness is defined as the integrated entity of a special three-level substance called human Yi Yuan Ti, which in turn has its physical form as the whole human nervous system. The Third-Level Yi Yuan Ti is the information level of consciousness, which is the the human true intention. The Evolution of consciousness has its ultimate goal in accending from the lower levels to the highest level, i.e the information level. The accending process will require improving normal human abilities to special abilities, as a naturally followed benefit from a highly conscious personal Life and societal live.

Zhineng Qigong system has already proven it as a simple, safe and effective way of living a healthy, happy and conscious Life with abundance. It is still on its way to be proven as a scientific system.

The Center of Consciousness Studies through Zhineng Qigong System in Stockholm, Sweden has established since February 2015, with a mission to bring this whole system about all thing to the World, through various workshops, educational program, and reseesarch and studies.