Available and Teaching Clinic, Spånga/Stockholm, Sweden

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New from October 2018: AWACE Available and Teaching Clinic, Spånga / Stockholm, Sweden, Wednsdays or Fridays about every three weeks between 14.00-19.00 CET.

This is an integrated part of Ability & Wisdom Educations (AWACE), at Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter in Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden.

We offer afordable yet high quality treatments for clents who wish to be able to withhold their treatments for sustainable health with reasonable economical investment. We offer clients not only the qualified treatments with affordable prices but also the garantee of the highest possible treatments from group competences and farantee of the continuility of their ordinarytreatments with our therapists in our clinic in Spånga and related clinics in other places in Sweden and even in other countries.

At the same time we offer facilities and resourses for students and practitioners from both our own educational programs, for therapists who are working with us in Spånga, and other various sources in alternative, complementary healthcare and humaniary development.

Equiped with an online modern integrated journal-, booking- and billing system, a welll-established clinical practice run by Ming Niku, and a gathering of teachers and therapists with various competences, AWACE Available and Teaching Clinic Spånga/Stockholm offers students and practitioners much-needed supervision and inspiration in clinical practice. At the same time it offers många clients for their health conditions with treatments of high qaulity, good follow-up and support from group competence.

This AWACE Available / Teaching Clinic can offer services and infrastructure for any schools with a general holistic structure.

For students or therapists doing supervised practice: SEK 1000 per practice day 13.00-19.00.

For clients: SEK 550 per 60 minutes treatments or supervised treatment, SEK 350 per 60 minutes student treatment

Payment is conducted by credit card, cash, Swish or invoic.

The openning of treatments will be announced continuously in our public Calendar at www.spangafriskvard.se.

Booking av treatments is by online at www.spangafriskvard.se, or by click here to book online directly. For questions about treatments contact us at info@spangafriskvard.se.

For students or practitioners who wishes to secure a practical place at the teaching clinic days, please send inquiries to Ming Niku at info@spangafriskvard.se. For you who want to come to the Inspiration day you need to find a friend to join you for the day. You can together then contact Ming Niku on the issue. Confirmation of practice place and date will be sent by email later.

Treatments offered under W&A Low Cost & Teaching Clinic from 1 January 2018:

Student Treatment in Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy (Integral-CST) by Jin Luo Institute, W&A Educations at Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter in Stockholm with Supervisor Ming Niku

Supervised student treatment in Integral-CST by Jin Luo Institute, W&A Educations at Spånga Friskvård Hälsocenter in Stockholm with Supervisor Ming Niku

Supervised treatment in Craniosacral Therapy - Inspiration day with Supervisors Lotta Johansson, Ming Niku and Thina Kenthin.