Zhineng Krama Circle of Wellbeing and Wisdom


How to join this? In English

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Sinc October 2015 the circle has established under the initiative of Ming Niku in Stockholm and Zhineng Qigong Master Yuantong Liu in China with the start-up of the new international educational program in the Development of Hunyuan Consciousness with Zhineng Qigong Science 4th-18th November 2015, in Stockholm, Sweden. The team has been the primary foundation of this organization.



The Team:


Leaders and founders:

Yuantong Liu

Ming Niku


Team members (in alphabetic order) from 2015: Allan Nieminen, Anette Niburg, Anki Rune, Christina Samuelsson, Elsebeth Lavold, Evelyn Kaufman, Ewa Snidare, Gun-Marie Engly Åslev, Ingrid Syk Andersson, Jan Henriksen, Jan Jonsson, Lotta Sturzenbecker, Madeleine Qvarfoth, Marianne Augustsen, Mats Näslund, Mikael Skifte, Monica Wickbom, Roya Saniei, Sylvia Ekman, Tatiana Gordeeva, Ulrika Henningsson


The list of the team members is growing steadily.




All of you who directly or indirectly have made the retreats and educational programs possible and available since earlier 2015!


The Idea:


To spread the collective evolution of a conscious life through exercising generosity and goodness in communities and society, accordding to the development of Hunyuan Consciousness with Zhineng Qigong System based on the Hypothesis of Three-Level Substance by Dr Pang Ming.


We practice our vision through making related events, workshops, retreats and educational programs possible and available to all.




Oct-2015 - 31st December 2016: SEK 27 835. Used for related activities from Stockholm in 2017. 10 % of the funds is dedicated to the publishing of Dr Pang Ming's literature in English under Zhineng Qigong Worldwide Organization.